Christian life was never meant to be lived out alone. It can be hard to navigate life on a college campus by yourself. Keeping faith amidst your daily struggles on campus can be tough. Especially on days when you are homesick, or burdened with homework and exams. Having a group of Godly friends to rely on is very important.

Chi Alpha Connect groups are vibrant communities of like-minded people committed to each other and to pursuing God during their college years. We meet weekly to study the Bible and bear each other’s burdens in prayer and fellowship. These groups are led by students just like you who love Jesus, have a passion for people and a desire to see fellow students grow in their faith.

Come join us and become part of a Connect Group Family! 


Why do Connect Groups exist?
God created us to live in relationship to others. Connect groups have the singular purpose of bringing people together. Even though we were designed to interact and enjoy other human beings, meaningful friendships are hard to find. That’s why Connect Groups exist—to provide opportunities for life changing friendships, so that you can make relevant and reliable friendships.

What are Connect Groups?
A connect group is a small group of people who come together weekly. People who share your interests and are at a similar stage in life as you. People who have navigated some of the same issues you may be going through right now.

Why should I join a Connect Group?
Doing life together offers many benefits. Connect Groups meet for about an hour a week, but those relationships ebb out of the group and into daily life. Through others God offers us wise counsel, real encouragement and answers for some of our deepest questions. It is a safe place to exercise our faith and ask questions about God. Real life change happens often in Chi Alpha Bible studies. Connect Groups are healing environments. As you start coming to a group, you will quickly go from stranger to friend, and friend to family. Being a part of a Connect Group will be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences during your college years.

What can I expect when I attend a Connect Group?
Each of our Connect Groups are led by Godly and gracious leaders. You can expect a friendly environment, more than likely food or snacks provided by a member of the group, and a great discussion on a book of the Bible or other Biblical devotional resource. You will participate in a team led prayer, and many amazing conversations. Connect groups are highly relational, so don’t be surprised if a new friend you just met, invites you out for lunch the next day. Depending on the group the meeting will last between 60 and 90 minutes. We hope you will check one of our Connect groups out. It will be a rewarding experience.