​Destry J. Dobbs

Destry Dobbs is an alumni of OSU, where his encounter with Chi Alpha left an indelible impression on his life.  He has spent most of his years with XA as a campus evangelist.  He loves the students and staff of OSUXA and believes he has the best team anywhere.

Brandon Garrett
Associate Director

Brandon got involved in Chi Alpha as a freshman at Northeastern State University. He played on the worship team, spoke periodically and served in various leadership roles.  It was at NSU that he met his future wife, Stacy, a transfer student from East Central University.  Stacy graduated with a degree in Finance and works for an accounting firm.  The Garretts have a daughter, Aubrey and a son, Elliot.  

Brandon served as a Youth Minister for six years prior being drafted to the OSUXA Team.  He also served for six years as OSUXA’s Creative Director, using his skills as a graphic artist, videographer, designer, and more in making us all look good!

The Garretts believe in this generation and have a passion to see the OSU campus transformed!

Cynthia Dobbs
Discipleship Director

Cynthia Dobbs, originally from Tamil Nadu, India, pioneered XA at BMCC in New York City, and was involved with XA at CCNY and Hunter College. She leads Chi Alpha’s cell-group ministries, and provides resources and training for Connect Group leaders.  She brings a unique perspective to student ministry having taught college courses, and completed a graduate degree in Biochemistry.  

Cynthia speaks in churches, conferences, camps, and student gatherings sharing a powerful testimony and life-changing messages for Equipping Leaders, Discipleship, Prayer, & Spiritual Warfare.  Her book, Ramen Noodles for the Collegiate Soul, is available in paperback.

JayLynn Sperry
Outreach Director

JayLynn came to faith at Hosanna Assembly of God just down the street from OSU at the tender age of eight.  The church’s youth pastor at that time as Brandon Garrett, who would go on to become OSUXA’s Associate Director.

When JayLynn met and married Michael Sperry, they called on Garrett to officiate the wedding.  He introduced the couple to Chi Alpha and they quickly became deeply involved in the fellowship.  While a student at O-state, she saw Chi Alpha students and leaders striving to be more like Christ by living authentic, sacrificial lives.  She completed OSUXA’s CORE Leadership Program and led successful Connect Group and Outreach ministries.  JayLynn went on to graduate with honors and complete her Bachelors of Science in Physiology.  She was accepted into Oklahoma Universities Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, and completed the first semester of studies there.

But it was clear that God had another plan for her life.  In 2015 she joined XA staff full time, and is now an indispensable part of the OSUXA team.  JayLynn leads Chi Alpha’s Outreach ministries, providing oversight and support to the evangelism team (Lanterns), International Student outreach (XAi), and volunteer coordination (Exemplars).  JayLynn also oversees XA’s day to day administrative operations, and disciples young women through her Connect Group (Wanderers).

​Mariah Jones
International Student Advocate

Mariah Jones loves International Students!

Mariah grew up just an hour north of OSU in Ponca City.  As an early teen Mariah made the decision to attend church and found a church that ran a bus in her neighborhood.  She attended by herself throughout high school.  

After graduating, Mariah worked doing odd jobs, yard work, painting, babysitting, pulling shifts at a hospital, and waitressing to put herself through school, becoming a certified Radiologic Technologist.

In August 2012 Mariah joined OSUXA as a student, and eventually entered CORE Leadership Training.  The XA staff quickly discovered Mariah was an incredible student leader.  She discipled young women through her Connect Group and served in outreaches, events, and every leadership opportunity.  In August 2015, Mariah entered the CMIT program at UL in Lafayette, LA.  Mariah completed her internship with flying colors and returned to OSU where she jumped right back into serving through discipleship, outreach, event-coordination, speaking, and international student ministry.  Today, Mariah leads XAi, Chi Alpha’s ministry to students from over 100 nations that call OSU home.  

Mariah has developed a team of 28 XAi ‘Ambassadors’ who are committed to serving students from the 28 nations most represented in the OSU student body.  Mariah’s team provides many services to International students, including help with navigating life in the US, transportation to places around Stillwater and area airports, conversational English instruction and practice, access to Bibles studies and ministry, host families, and many opportunities for involvement and developing friendships.  Mariah’s goal is to serve International Students while they are in the US and to help them find a family atmosphere away from home within Chi Alpha.  

John Deisher
Academy Administrator