We know there’s no way we can make the impact we want, without the prayers and support of local churches across the state. As you are striving to reach your community and beyond we want to be your representatives to Oklahoma State University.

OSU has a unique relationship with local communities throughout our state. Students come here from every corner of Oklahoma – including yours.

We’ve all heard the statistics about students going to a secular university and walking away from their faith. While it’s true that the college years can be a challenging time for students, your students do not have to be victims of the campus environment.

One of the biggest factors that impacts students as they come to college is what group of friends they connect with. Usually this decision is made early on their college experience. If a student adopts a survival mentality – that they are huddled against a hostile campus, or navigating a spiritual minefield – it can be hard to live out their faith daily.

While we are working hard to reach students who do not know Christ, we are working just as hard to help those that do continue to grow in their faith. Students who become part of Chi Alpha receive support and leadership training that helps them make their mark on campus, in the marketplace, and in thier church.

As a Pastor, Youth Pastor, or other spiritual leader in your community – you have a unique opportunity to encourage students to make connections with Chi Alpha before the pressures of the campus start.

Here are some important things you can do to make a HUGE difference in students lives...
Get your students connected to Chi Alpha early on!  First, encourage them to get involved immediately when they arrive on campus and second, make sure we have their contact information by completing this short form you can submit online.
Help your people connect with the mission of Chi Alpha. Chi Alpha staff are ready to visit your church and share about the vision and mission of Chi Alpha at OSU. The presentation is upbeat and informative, and participants end up with an understanding of the issues facing today’s students.  Email info@osuxa.com for more information.

Share OSU Chi Alpha prayer requests with your community of believers. Our ministry believes in and relies on the prayers of our partners. We would love to partner with you in building the Kingdom and sharing prayer needs.  For more information about current challenges and opportunities please contact us.

Encourage your congregation to support Chi Alpha monthly. Chi Alpha Campus Missions depends on the generosity of individuals and churches who believe in the mission of reaching tomorrow’s leaders today. To make the ministry of XA possible we need partners who will make a commitment to support Chi Alpha monthly.  Your tax-deductible donations can be easily set up online in minutes through giving.ag.org.

The sixth man on our bench, the air-support for our trenches, are the great fellowship of pastors who walk arm-in-arm with us. We could not accomplish our mission without them. If you are a minister and are interested in being involved – we need you!