OSUXA Alumni are leaders in education, government, church, medicine, research, law, animal science, engineering, social services, and so much more.

For hundreds of us, our time at OSU marked immensely formative and impactful years of growth. While involved in OSUXA, many of us cemented our commitment to the Lord, grew in leaps and bounds, and learned what it means to be a leader.

Most of us made friendships that will last a lifetime. Many of us met our spouses. All of us enjoyed a special moment in our lives when our faith – not our friends – not our parent’s faith – but ours, truly became ours.

That includes a growing number who first came to know Jesus while at OSU.

The current students and staff at OSUXA invite you to continue your connection to this ministry. Now more than ever, we need you to stand with us in the mission of reconciling the University, the Marketplace, and the World.
We also need your support.  To make the ministry of XA possible we need partners who will make a commitment to support Chi Alpha monthly.  Your tax-deductible donations can be easily set up online in minutes through giving.ag.org.